Example of a Scotts Schedule

This is an example of a full Scotts Schedule with the Tenant's Surveyor's reply to the original claim.

In this situation the surveyor ensured that the work required was carried out prior to the end of the Lease. If not the Landlord would have Rent and Insurance while the work was completed, and the costs for carrying out the work to bring it into repair.

The Dilapidations Protocol recommends that the format used in this example (or similar) is followed and it has been adopted by most Chartered Surveyors that specialise in this area.

The Schedule of Dilapidations Protocol additionally recommends that electronic versions are made available so that the first copy produced by the landlord's Chartered Surveyors can then be added to in the ‘Tenant's Comments' and ‘Tenant's Costs' columns by the tenant's chartered surveyor.

In addition to this we have seen it recommended that a Travelling Scott's Schedule should be utilised where, after the initial landlord's comments and tenant's comments, further comments are made by each party in a different colour pen, for example the first additional comments being made by the landlord would be in a red pen and those by the tenant in a blue pen and further comments by the landlord in a green pen and so on until it gets to such a stage where it needs summarising and this document can be typed up.

Once agreement has been made many surveyors use what is known as a ‘Heads of Claim'. This sets out the costings, which we would recommend.

If the Schedule of Dilapidations that your Chartered Surveyor produces does not look like either of the examples below, or if you have been served such a document without an electronic version being made available then we suggest you ask why and contact us to discuss further on 0800 298 5424.

O800 298 5424

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